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The Boboli gardens behind the Pitti palace, the Villa di Cetinale, Villa La Gamberaia near Settignano, Villa Medici in Fiesole and its garden designed by Cecil Pinsent, Villa La Foce close to Chianciano or the Medici villas of Petraia, Castello and Pratolino, are just some of the gardens and villas which grace our wonderful landscape. Tuscany is one of the richest Italian regions as regards historical gardens and splendid villas, public as well as private. One can arrange specially tailored tours of just one day or more. The Medici gardens of Boboli and Castello and their unique collections of citrus trees will be the joy of passionate gardeners. There are also romantic gardens like Villa di Fontelucente or esoteric and Masonic gardens like the Giardino Torrigiani. The Botanical Gardens of Florence are one of the most ancient in Europe. Some of them (Boboli, Petraia, Castello) are national museums so visiting them implies that the times of entry are governed by state rules. Most villas and gardens are private, however, so there are particular rules for each one: sometimes it is possible to visit the garden but not the villa; sometimes the gardens are available just in the morning or just in the afternoon. In the case of private property at any rate, one has to book the visit one month ahead. Spring and summer are the best seasons, if one wants to enjoy the splendour of the vegetation and the blooming of the flowers, but the autumn too gives wonderful opportunities of appreciating the magnificent colours of the leaves from pink to red, yellow and dark brown.

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